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These pages will have the bands that deserve to die on them. These bands deserve to die for many reasons. Mainly it is because they are clearly doing what they do to be famous. They don't actually give a shit about the fans. These bands , mostly, wear masks or have face-paint. I'm not talking about the type of face-paint worn by Cradle of Filth as this is a common symbol in their genre of music. Or GWAR, who look what they look like because of an art project in University. Even if this wasn't GWAR's reason, at least they can play their instruments with talent unlike alot of these "nu-metal" bands who can't actually play for shit.

Alot of people nowadays are going to turn around and say "fuck you you penis, who are you to judge what the fuck these guys talents are" and I know one person personally who may say this to me, but I mean, these guys probably can't play guitar for shit and wish they could, but go around thinking their good and that they will make it big because they canplay riffs like the one from (sic) by Slipkock!!. If you don't know what this riff goes like, let me put it this way, my dog can play it at the speed it is meant to be played at!!!!

-Slipknot (Fucking-Arse Bandit Faggot fucking Vaseline arsed Fairies)
-Limp Bizkit(Arse rapping un-talented wigga fags)
-(hed)p.e.(Chivvy cuntin' faggot fucks)
-Corporate Avenger(Corporate cock-sucking faggots with white face paint)
-MuDvAyNe(4 membered shit storm)