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Why do they suck:
-No talent(except for drummer)
-Famous only cause they wear masks and there are 9 members.

SLIPKNOT ARE THE WORST BAND EVER TO WALK THIS EARTH! I know the people who know me well are gonna say "But you used to be obsessed with them Dave!". Well I used to be obsessed with Micheal Jackson when I was like 8! Things change, so fucking live with it! Here are a few reasons why they suck.
A. They stole the bar-code logo from Fear Factory.
B. Their sign, the freaky 'S' is the singer from Fear Factorys tatoo.
C. They take Korns old sponsors and then wear boiler suits like Korn used too.
D. 9 people in masks, I wonder if that has anything to do with the band '10 Masked Men'.
E. My dog can play their guitar riffs.
F. They sing "Fuck it all , Fuck this world , Fuck Everything You Stand for" then have the nerve to say, in the same song, "Don't ever judge me". You're telling me to fuck off and fuck what I stand for and then telling me not to judge you! Of course I'm going to judge you you masked gormless cunt!!!!! If Slipknot ever read this, I just want to say one thing, GO FUCK YOURSELF AND THEN STICK A GUN UP YOUR ASS AND PULL THE TRIGGER WHILE WEARING YOUR MASK YOU CUNT!!!!!! And to the drummer, GO JOIN A DECENT BLACK METAL BAND THAT HAS MEMBERS WITH AS MUCH TALENT AS YOU!