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-God, Christ, other religious names that mean what a load of shit!!!!!!! How the fuck these guys got famous is unbelievable. It obviously wasn't for their music. I mean for fucks sake, if these guys got famous, I could.

Ingredients for getting famous:
1-Get a guitarist(not necessarily a good one, just grab some bum off a street and give him a guitar)
2-Get a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist.
3-Put on a whole load of gay face paint and wear dungarees, each person with different hair style(spikey or bald only)
4-Get some guy that has never produced an album before from some famous arse bandit band to produce your album.
5-For finishing touches, admit in a famous metal magazine that you would refuse to be in the band if there was no masks or face-paint.

Nu-metal faggots MuDvAyNe did actually get famous this way, and heres the proof.Their guitarist can't play for shit, thay all wear gay face paint, they got the percussionist Clown guy from Slipknot to produce their album, and then, in Metal Hammer, their vocalist, Kunt(its actuallt Kuud or something) said that if it wasn't for the masks, he wouldn't be in the band. I wonder why this is, is it because he wouldn't be famous without the masks.

Anyway, I hope MuDvaAyNe read this, so that I can say, "Get the fuck off my site and go shove a cocktail umbrella up yer japs eye just before you kill yourself!!!!!!!!!!!"

The Ibex