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Corporate Cocksucker
Yet another arse bandit band hits the world with a vengeance. These guys are different though, they don't have 9 members like Shitknot or 4 members like Mudvomit, they are going extreme! They......have......10 MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!! Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. And to make it even worse than that, not all of the members play instruments, some of them are dancers and are in Hip-Hop groups. FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!!!!!

Corporate Avenger say that they are here for a purpose. I know what their purpose is, its not to unite all life and get back to our tribal roots like they say it is, its to get fucking famous. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, even Metal Hammer asked this question. The band is made up of people with gay names such as the corporate avenger, Rebel One and the Taxman! ANd of course, you guessed it, they wear some kind of face covering. Four of them wear white face paint with a black cross and the others wear ski masks. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!!!!!Also, of course, they all have spikey or bald hair(except for the black guy).

They claim they aren't metal, but they are a punk band who are trying to send out a message to the people. What message is that? WE WEAR MASKS AND FACE-PAINT SO WE DESERVE MONEY! or IF THERS NU-METAL, THERES NU-PUNK AS WELL!!Honestly, it shouldn't be Corporate Avenger, it should be Corporate Cock-Sucker!!!!!

5 Principles to becoming a corporate avenger(as said by Corporate Avenger):
1-You are a sacred being of light projected into reality for a purpose.
2-You have a history that predates organised religion and the one world government that you are currently forced to live under
3-Take the time to reassess your value system to live in harmony and realise that all life is sacred
4-You have the responsibility to maximise your potential as a physical being because you have been given the sacred gift of the breath of life
5-We need to treat each other with more respect and understand that the world is alive and reawaken to the connection with earth

5 principles to becoming a corporate avenger (as said by me)
1-Wear face-paint or a ski-mask
2-Be able to either sing, dance or play an instrrument(not necessarily good in any case)
3-Be bald or have hair long enough to spike
4-Memorise the 5 principles to becoming a corporate avenger(as said by corporate avenger) even if you do not agree with or understand these principles
5-Sleep with someone of the same sex as you!

The Ibex