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I'm pretty sure that regular visitors to the site were expecting these fucks to be added to this section soon enough. Well, here they are!! The band that every self-respecting true metal fan hates!

How these guys can be considered as metal is unbelievable, wether it be heavy metal or a new genre called faggot metal! These guys are rap with instruments and everybody knows it. Anyone who says they are metal can suck my fucking penis covered in mayonnaise. Its true, can you honestly sit and listen to this band and say they are metal? Nope, probably cause they geta bit aggressive sometimes, I mean, ooohhh, they are so evil and metal! I bet people that say they are metal are the same people who say that Slipknot are goths because they paint their nails black!!

Their first album was a little heavier and a little more respectable(although shite all the same). At least they used distortion on their guitars with out sounding gay. Then the second album started to show off the signs of pure rap and by the third album all hope was lost.And i don't know if this means the same thing, but the title of the third album, 'The Choclate Starfish........' in my native slang(aberdeen) means a womans arse-hole! It is pretty obvious why this band has qualified for the title of a faggot band and I feel no further explanation is needed!

The Ibex