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I don't know what the fuck the name is supposed to mean, but its gay!

The men of the band are all into rap, look like they are all into rap and well, of course, play Rap-Metal. Slightly heavier than Limp Bizkit, the band are still clearly nu-metal.

When writing about MuDvAyNe I said that one of the ingredients to creating a nu-metal band was to grab some bum off the street and give him a guitar. Well, in reality, this is how (hed)p.e. got their turntable/DJ guy, they actually picked him up of the streets, wether he was good or not when they found him, or wether they had seen him mixing before is beyond my knowledge, but it is still ironic!

Anyway, here is my way of describing the band.
- 5 members (vocalist, bassist, guitarist, drummer and Dj)
- Black Vocalist(I am not being racist)
- (C)Rap music with distorted guitars

That is all,
The Ibex