Demonic-Rising Official Site
Demonic-Rising FUCKING Rule!!!!!!!!!

Demonic-Rising hail form Falkirk Scotland and play pure Black Metal.
They sound, as a friend of mine put it, like a mixture between Embraced and Emperor.
And the vocals, DAMN!!! I think the vocalist must be Ihsahn from Emperor's son,
because he sounds so much like him.

They range from the ages of 16 to 19, but have the potential of the ages of 25-30.

The band are made up of 5 members, 2 Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums and Bass.
The drummer has feet like fucking Nicholas Barker and the arms of Trym.
Visit their site by clicking on the logo to find out more and download mp3's.
Songwise, I reccomend you get Serpent Christ, IT RULES!!!!

Buchan - Bass
Nåberus - Keyboards
MöråX - Guitar
Rene - Guitar & Vocals
Marchosias - Drums

Left to Right:Morax, Rene, Naberus, Marchosias