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Sermon of Hypocricy Official Site
Sermon of Hypocricy

SOH are a Black/Death Metal band from England. They recently got themselves on to the web
and sent me an e-mail telling me about it. They are really fucking good.

They are very god-slaying and think that if anybody has a problem with that, FUCK OFF,
go but something else from the Pop section.
Free-Thinking is Not a Crime.

They have recently put a demo up on their site. 2 songs to be exact.
The sound quality isn't that great but once you gey past that and listen to it properly
You'll see how they qualified for Basket of Dirt(not thats hard, but I can't think if anything else to say)

Line-Up :
Diesector: Vocals
Kryfarn: Guitar
Mr Storm Monolith: Drums
The Wraith: Guitar
Z'Ha Doom: Bass