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Pombo - Fest 2001 Gig Review - By Benighted Lord

I'd like to start off by saying THANK YOU to ALL the bands that played at the Pombos Fest 2001! You were all amazing, and I have to say, I have never experienced such a great live show like that.

Alright... where do i begin? Well lets see, the band to Start off with was Circe... and what a fine impression they made on the AD Underground. Its gonna be stiff competition for future bands here to compete when they play the stage! I see bright lights ( to speak...) for this band. Dave and Juan pull off brilliantly powerful riffs, while Hannah sings her very best and orchestrates the band with her amazing keyboard/piano lines. And Julio kept the band on their feet with beats that flow right into their music. Circe were a great way to start off the show... because it made you wonder, who will be able to pull off a better show then that?! 10/10

But you didnt have to wait much longer to find out. Ruptured Rubber got on stage... and this time, just Kareem and Jamali! Kareem was at his best tonight with his performance on show! The vocals were amazing, and had plenty of feeling. Jamali played guitar and controled the samplers (with a little cameo of Julio in the end). He was amazing. He put this show in "4th gear" for this band... a very talented band. 10/10

Now for a show that everyone has been waiting for. This was said to be Illuminatus' last show... which none of us hope is true! But if it is to be, they left with a very very very very very loud BANG! For nearly an hour and a half, Illuminatus took over the audience's ears with a masterpeice set! It was definitly the best show they have ever done. Matt was breaking his performance barriers playing with absolue full emotion and attention to the audience, while Julio takes on the lead and vocals like never before, making the crowd feel apart of the show. Manolo blasted away with his base powering up Omar behind the drum set who completely lifted the rest of the band off the stage. And also session musician appearance from old keyboardist, Dave, who playes with Circe now, lit up the music with beautiful melodies giving a sort of... Micheal Kamen kinda feel to the music! This show fully rocked, and was heavy as fuck! The audience went wild when the band played a cover of For Whom The Bell Tolls, and with Matt Singing this time! This show was so unbeleivable no one wanted it to end, so they added one final song to the list to make the crowd happy! But we still wanted more! 10/10

Illuminatus gave a warm welcome to Perverse on stage after their set. Pervere played great with their funky-style metal! I'd say this band is pretty unique and they put a lot into their music with ideas that have never been used before in metal! With performance influences similar to that of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, they would of course pull an amazing and extreme show. These guys put you on one hell of a ride! 9/10

I was very impressed with Thursdays show! I hope there are more like it! I have pictures, and I will be posting them up as soon as possible. if anyone of you have any pictures of the show, especially Perverse, let me know either in the forum, through email (, or telephone (050-7717 830). thank you! and stay heavy! Hail Satan! Benighted Lord