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Pombo - Fest 2001 Gig Review - By Ibex
Bands: Illuminatus, Perverse, Circe & Ruptured Rubber

I'd like to thank Illuminatus and all the other bands for their great show on Thursday night. I'll also have to give a huge thanx to Mr. Juan Pombo for putting it all together(clap clap clap)!! I know you're saying why are their two gig reviews but me and the Benighted Lord deciced to each make our own review to state different points of view.
So, to start off with. DJ Rubber-Doll. What a weird sound that he puts together, although throughout trhe night he did give us all something to listen to while the bands weren't on.

Then, the newcomers Circe. How unbelievable could a first show have been. Even though the set was limited to only 2 songs, those were two songs tthat made an impression. The first song I must admit was the better of the two but both were so organised and melodic that they are most likely to be the next biggest band in our small underground scene.(9/10)

Then, the people known for originality and craziness, Ruptured Rubber. Kareem came on stage with his trademark black jacket, but covered with studs that could kill an elephant and a very satanic shirt. They started off with a new song and blew the crowd away. It is one hell of a thing to see a live show and if Ruptured Rubbers there you can be sure that that show is going to be amazing!(10/10)

And then enter, by far the leaders of our underground scene, Illuminatus. Although the set got started off on the wrong foot because a sound problem, all in all the show was amazing. Rumored as being their last gig in Abu Dhabi(hopefully not yet) it was a hell of a way to end 5 long years of work with line changes and other changes in the bands history. Three covers were played which were For Whom the Bell Tolls, So What! and Jesucristo Garcia. The audience went insane when for whom the bell tolls was played. Another song to which the crowd went mental at was Libertad and The Invisible Empire.All in all, their greatest show ever!(11/10)

Then Perverse came on, and found it hard to play after Illuminatus' set. But still they pulled off an amazing show. Playing two new tracks and two old ones(i think), the original pranksters pulled off a memorable show and I hope to see them, in future Pombo-Fests! (8/10)

Pictures of Circe Illumiantus and Ruptured Rubber will be added shortly. Unfortunately, the film on our camera ran out before Perverse came on stage so we have no pics of them. This will hopefully be resolved through contacts with the band. Until then, support the AD Underground or F.O.A.D.!!!!!!!!!!