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News Articles
This page will contain news of things happening in the Abu Dhabi Underground Scene.

January 17, 2002
The New News Page is started. Be prepered for more new articles to come along.

Migraine Last Performance?

Migraine the aggressive yet very melodic band have announced that Battle of the Bands 2002 will be their last performance after the addition of a bassist Carl (from Paradox) and a change in style.

Its a shame how a band with such a different sound and style will have to bid our "dying" underground farewell, Moe Turk, Amir, Ahmed Solh, and Carl... all will go their seperate ways.. and expect some news opn their future projects.. if there ever will be any...

Battle of the Bands will take place in AIS on the 21st of February. for more info on the Battle plz contact Midwahi K. on 050/7416787 or send an email to or goto