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MSF Rock Concert Abu Dhabi

MSF( Medecin Sans Frontieres) is a French Charity in Abu Dhabi. Every year now they hold a concert with Abu Dhabi Underground Bands to raise money for the charity. I think this is a great idea and hope they shall keep going on with what they are doing. I would like to thank the 20 members of MSF in ACS for setting up this gig as it truly was an amazing one.

-Bands Preset: Illuminatus, Circe, Profane, Migrane and Perverse.

The MSF Concert was a good overall show, although, I must admit, it was better for some bands than others. I would like to thank all the bands that played, Dulip and Jesse(Sound Crew), Scoopy, for getting the lights, Farah Tamer, for putting it together really and my deepest thanks to Julio, who has now left the country. I want to thank you for letting me be a part of the scene and thank you and the rest of Illumintaus (Matt, Omar, Manolo)for doing so much for it along for the scene that it has really shot up the last 6 months. I would also like to thank all the mebers of Circe for putting on a great show. Also, the DJ's for putting something up before the bands started.

Now, for the gig. It started at 9:00 at the Intercontinental Hotel Beach Area. A DJ had been slamming out some crazy techno out of the 4,000 watt speakers for about half an hour. Then, the first band, Circe came on and started off their set. They started off with a new song which is just an instrumental intro. They then played Fallen, a great song. Afterwards, they played Blackclouds, another great song. Then, as a tribute to Julio leaving they played a cover of Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here' with Emma Cartwright on vocals alongside her sister. They then played their now well known award winning track, Rest. Julio drummed for this one. To finish off, they played a new song, of which the name escapes me.

Secondly, Illuminatus came on, and well, we all know how much the crowd gets going when these guys walk on a stage. The band started off their set with my favourite song, 'Discordia'. This song, as Julio said, "starts slow and then gets heavy". To follow up to the 10 minute track, the band played "The Dreamer, Nailed to his Cross". A good slightly heavy track for everybody to get into. After this, the band played Solitude, in which, the whole band made a slight mees-up at the same point. This is because a thong, a pair of panties and a bra were all thrown on stage by some crazed fans. At one point, Julio had a bra hanging off the head of his guitar. Then the band played a rather famous track, The Void. Some how, Julio got the whole audience to sing along to the chorus of this one. Then, the band got kinda messed up when Julio unplugged his guitar and ran to the back of the stage. This was because he broke a string and needed a new guitar. Luckily someone got him a decent one. So the band continued. To end all Illuminatus gigs, the band played Libertad, the song against Spanish Terrorism. The band played this well and had everyone into it. A classic ending to an era of Abu Dhabi Music. Although, all is not lost*.

After Illuminatus came Perverse who played a large set. I do not know which order they went in but the songs that were played consisted of Tough Guys, Must, Sex and Pie, Sex and Pie 2, Polly Poison, Flowerz, and Staright-Jacket(Burrrrack for the people who don't know the real name). The band played a very good show although there were some problems with the sound, but everything was ok. The weird thing that happened was that there were 4 nutters who kept jumping on stage and dancing around. I wonder who they were?

After Perverse came Migrane, the instrumental band, with a weird line-up change. Their original Keyboard player was in Dubai so the bassist played keyboards and Moe. Tarbeeshi filled in on bass.The band only played one song but they are original and their music is kinda cool. What they really need is a vocalist.

Then came Profane. Profane also had a problem. Their Bassist, Madwahi had a broken leg. SO he had to play bass sitting down. But they were good. They played a 4 song set with their new instumental song and their now known song 'Leaving Home'. A good set overall.

Once agaim, thanks to all the bands that played and a big thanks to MSF for putting the show together.

* = All is not lost because the Illumiantus Album, 'The Wrath of the Lambs' is now available in Abu Dhabi. It is available at No Name Accesories Store on Khalidiya(opposite Dana Plaza) and the price is Dhs.20. And as a free promo, when you buy the CD, look inside the inlay!!!