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January 17, 2002
The Musics section has been taken out(the site will only be about Underground now)
In its place a news section has been added. This page will contain News about things happening in the Abu Dhabi Underground Scene. Click the News button or go to use the jump menu in the top left corner.


There is a new web-master of Basket of Dirt. I, Dave, have passed the duty over to Mr. Khalid Midwahi, an old friend from Abu Dhabi(click here to see bio)
and he will be updating the site from now on. Now, to the people from Dubai, this is an Abu Dhabi site so don't get on at anybody about puting up info about Dubai bands.
Until then, farewell, and trust me, theres alot of new news on the way about the scene.

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Khalid 'Zamiel' Midwahi