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Dubai Battle of the Bands Review:
Bands included: Illuminatus, Circe, Nerve-Cell(FUCK YEAH), Dinky 3rd leg, Afflict, Butcher, Embodied, Gone Deaf, Kosha Pickles, Different Approach and others that I can't remember(18 in total).

On May 9th the Dubai Battle of the Bands was held at the Dubai Aviation Club Tennis Courts. The stage was huge and the sound was amazing. Unfortunately, I cannot give a review on all the bands because this is an Abu Dhabi underground site and thats the only scene I like to talk about and know anything about, I shall give a review to the bands I enjoyed though.

Embodied was a Death Metal band that fucking rocked the shit out of everything. The band consisted of some of the members from 2 different bands last year. Spine and Eskimo Disco. The end result was totally brutal, unfucking believable. The band played a pure death metal original and then covered Slayer's Manditory Suicide from the classic album Hell Awaits. A really good band all in all (8/10)

Butcher was another fucking amazing band. Pure Black Metal guitar's with a difference. The Vocals were rather melodic and normal, not screaming oor detah. An interesting band all in all. The band played an original first and then went into the classic track, Metallica's 'For Whom the Bell Tolls'*. All in all another good band and fun to watch.(6/10)

Illuminatus then appeared on stage and pulled off a really good set. Not their best but a good one all in all. The band came on stage and even to a place where they played their last live show a year ago, were accompanied by a wave of screaming fans, it was pretty amazing. The band played their now famous track Solitude and a cover of Extremoduros Jesucristo Garcia which somehow, after all the years of playing it, Julio still managed to bugger up. It doesn't matter, the crowd didn't notice and absolutely loved it, especially the chicks when Julio went right to the front of the stage and played the solo to Solitude. All the fans loved it except one**. A great gig all in all(9/10)

Nerve-Cell came on a little while after Illuminatus and played a fucking amazing set. The whole crowd was screaming and bouncing and moshing. I know, I was there. Un-fucking believeable, although not as good as Abu Dhabi's Battle. The band played their original song first which the name escapes me and then, like in Abu Dhabi, played a cover of Narcasis.Unfortunately there was a technical problem with Brogan's mic and the backing vocals mic***It seriously was fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!(9/10)

Circe came a short while after them and also put on a good show. Unfortunately, due to some technical problems with the pedal Hannah was using, the band took a while to start. The band played a cover of the Cranberrie's 'Zombie' first, which I must say, was fucking amazing. It was a more metal version but around 50% of the crowd were singing along and Hannah sings that song fucking amazingly. Then the band played my favourite Circe song, Rest. Something happened with the sound though. A rather bassy noise burst out and boomed for about 5 seconds, I dunno what it was, a good gig and I must say & a good stage presence by Dave Crosby. A good set but not greatest.(7/10)

Afflict were another great band. Unfortunately this band went on last and the crowd must of been tired because they showed no fucking signs of life while the band was playing. The bands vocalist was last years band Krak's vocalist looking very sexy with a truly amazing voice. The band covered Dream Theater pretty well although I do feel sorry for them since the crowd did not cheer at all after the first song, I do not seem to know why, the band was really good. Their original song was really good as well. Me, Matt and Julio went to the front of the stage and watched closely and we tried to get the ungrateful fucks to cheer. But personally, I think the band was pretty amazing.(8/10)

Overall, the concert was good, although the prizes went to all the wrong people. The judges knew jack shit. And i do not think it weas a coincidence that the gig was organised by Dubai College and all the winners seemed to go that school. The judges were shite and despite what anyone says, the prizes went to all the wrong people.

* = If Metallica happen to read this, please do not sew Butcher for not taking permission to cover your song. Be nice about it.****

** = To the girl that screamed 'fuck you' at Illuminatus while they were leaving stage, Up yours you fucking slag, Who the fuck are you. Keep your fucking mouth shut about the bands. We all thought you were a fucking Lesbian slag and we didn't say anything, so the least you can do is the same.

*** = To th sound guys that turned off Brogans Mic in the middle of the song- FUCK YOU YOU BASTARDS!!!!!! He told you to turn it down because he sings loud, not turn it off. If I was him I would of gone and kicked your fucking teeth in you CUNTS. And why was the backing mic off bastards?!?!?!

**** = Please don't sew me either for making fun of your Rockstar personalitys, I like your music, honestly.

The Ibex