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Dimmu Borgir are a Norwegian Black/Goth Metal band. They are not as big a name in the External scene as Cradle of Filth or Emperor, but are very big to people who actually listen and respect their type of music. A band that have changed their line-up dramatically over the years. Vocalist Shagrath first started out doing drums and vocals for the band while ex-drummer Tjodalv played Guitar and Silenoz did lead and Vocals. Shagrath then moved to lead and vocals while Tjodalv took his place behind the drumset and then, the band introduced a new member to play lead seperately while Shagrath did only vocals. Their first album, For All Tid, was made when the band was at an average age of 16. It is truly amazing what the Norwegianers pulled off at such a young age. Their new album, Purrittanical Euphoric Misanthropia, has just been released. I advise you listn to it if you are into metal. No matter what type of metal, you'll like this album.

Current Line-Up:
Shagrath - Vocals
Erkekjetter Silenoz - Guitars
Galder - Guitars
Nicholas Barker - Drums
Mustis - Keyboards
Simen - Bass & Backing Vocals

Previous Members:
Astennu - Guitar
Nagash - Bass
Tjodalv - Drums
Stian Aarstad - Synthesizers, Piano and Effects
Brynjard Tristan - Bassguitar