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Brititsh Goth Metal band with extreme Vampyric qualities. The leader in the british Black Metal scene just now, the band have just released a new Album, Midian.They now have 5 albums and an E.P. under their belt. Hailing mainly from Sheffield, England, the band are leading the British Satanic Music movement. This is Probably because they are the only band from Britain that are black metal. However, they are also the most known Black Metal apart from maybe Emperor.

Current Line-up:
Dani Filth - Vocals
Paul Allender - Guitars
Gian Pyres - Guitars
Robin Graves - Bass
Martin Powell - Keyboards
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums

Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Dusk & Her Embrace
Cruelty & the Beast
From the Cradle to Enslave E.P.

Previous Members:
Nicholas Barker - Drums
Stuart Anstis - Guitars
Lecter - Keyboards
Damien - Keyboards
Jared - Guitars
Paul R. - Guitars
Benjamin - Keyboards

-Band Pics

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