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Circe are a newer band in Abu Dhabi. They played their first live show at the Pombo-Fest 2001(2 song set)
as an opening act. What they did play ,however,was something to be noticed.

The only band to date with a female vocalist in Abu Dhabi, except for the vocalists previous band Exposition, Circe have a very Lacuna Coil mixed in with Lacrimosa style to them. The songs they compose are a work of art and give just about anybody with good taste in music a rush. However, to date, I know not much about their music. What I have heard is amazing and if you get a chance to see them, take it.

Band Line-Up:
Lamia - Hannah Cartwright: Vocals, keyboards, Guitars
Samhain - Dave Crosby: Guitar, Keyboards
Barf@x - Juan Pombo: Bass, Guitars
RaVeN - Julio Taylor - Drums(session)