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-Children of Bodom hail from Espo, Finland(a town next to Helsinki) and there is actually a story behind their name. In Espoo, there is a Lake Bodom. The band took their name from an event that happened at the lake. Sometime in the '60's, 4 teenagerss went camping up at the Lake Bodom. These "children of bodom" were brutally murdered by some nutter with an axe. The crime is still, till this day, unsolved. It has created many Urban Legends, including one kick-ass band.

At first, the band was called inearthed who released 2 demos but didn't go very far, now, they are Children of Bodom.

In case you are wondering what they sound like, they sound alot like In Flames, a hell of alot like In Flames but they aren't rip-offs.

Band Current Line-Up:
Alexi Laiha - Vocals,Guitar
Alexander Kuoppala - Guitars
Henkka Seppala - Bass
Janne Winman - Keyboards
Jaska Raatikainen - Drums

Something Wild - 1997
Children of Bodom(single) - 1998
Downfall(single) - 1999
Hatebreeder - 1999
Tokyo Warhearts(Live in Japan) - 1999
Hate Me(single) - 2000
Follow the Reaper - 2000