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British Doom rock. They aren't just any old Brits, their Scousers that can actually play guitars without having to steal them. Truthfully, they are a fucking amazing band with lots of talent and feeling in their music. With a very unique sound, Anathema are more like slow dark metal than doom metal. With some absolutely UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE SONGS such as Sleepless to name one of the few. They are definetely one of my favourite bands.

Vincent Cavanagh-Guitar, Vocals
Daniel Cavanagh-Guitar, Keyboards
John Douglas-Drums
Dave Pybus-Bass
Les Smith(Lecter)-Live Keyboards

-An Illiad of Woes(Demo)
-All faith is Lost(Demo)
-They Die
-The Crestfallen EP
-We are the Bible
-Pentecost III
-The Silent Enigma
-Alternative Future EP
-Alternative 4