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This page will contain articles about things people need or want. It is made for members, well, not members but musicians in the Abu Dhabi Underground who need places to jam, new guitarists, equipment for gigs etc. If you would like me to put something up in here, E-Mail me at
The Ibex
-Paradox need a new drummer
Paradox need a new drummer because their current drummer, Joao, is leaving this summer. The drummer will have to have his own drumset and a place to jam. Anybody who feels open for the job please E-Mail

-Ruptured Rubber want members
Ruptured Rubber, the extreme underground band, want to change their style to Black Metal. They need some members. Considering their current guitarist is amazing at all of guitar, bass and keyboards, they need two members. They are searching for someone to fill in what Jamali won't be able to do. They are searching for 2 members. These are from Guitar, bass or Keyboards. Once two positions are filled, that will be it, nobody else will be needed unless they want a second guitarist.

-Nervecell need a vocalist
The New Underground Metal Sensation Nervecell's vocalist, Brogan, has left the country. SO, Nervecell are looking for a new vocalist from either Dubai or Sharjah. The vocalist does not have to be the same style as the old vocalist, just any metal vocalist really. If you are interested, E-Mail

-Bassist needs band
Moe Tarbeeshi needs a group of people to jam with. Not necessarily a serious band for now but possibly to start something off with. He is a rather good bassist and is open to try other instruments. He currently has an XB-100 4 string bass and a Carlsbro Viper 65 watt amp. Anyone interested can contact him on his mobile 050-5610885 (ask for Moe) or by E-mail at .

-Guitarist needs band.
Basil Q., the guitarist from Perverse needs some people to jam with. This is to start in September. This is because the rest of his band is leaving this summer and going to University. Basil will need a bassist, a drummer and a vocalist. Interested parties call him on his mobile which is 050-4448550. Ask for Basil.
OR E-mail him at

If you feel you can fill any of these posts, either post a message in the forum, or send me an E-Mail at


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